Smart City solution

MAK IT has created solution “City app” that facilitates the municipality’s communication with its resi-dents and guests by offering important information in a convenient and easy-to-understand format (in a mobile app). Since the system consists of several blocks, every application can be tailored for each city separately, making it a unique support tool for the local council.

Mobile application provides the following functionalities:

1. Viewing upcoming events

2. Participating in surveys and initiative voting

3. Tourism section with built-in audio guide functionality

4. Individually tailored local entrepreneurs’ offers

5. Receiving latest news

6. Suggestions section

7. Citizen’s ID card solution

8. School catering payment solution

9. Digital services, integrated with digital signature and more.

The company’s ambition

“City app” solution has been successfully operating in 5 municipalities in Latvia.

Our platform is an affordable and convenient way to increase citizens’ involvement, promote local cul-ture, tourism, entrepreneurs and make municipality services more accessible, modern, and convenient.

Due to product’s modularity, creating new individual municipality mobile application is a question of weeks. It’s both fast to implement and financially affordable, compared to developing such product from scratch.

Our goal is to provide municipalities with a universal base, which can be adapted and extended for indi-vidual use cases. Also, from the perspective of the citizen, we believe that there should be a single tool which would unify all municipality services in one easy tool. Therefore “City app” is a great platform for any municipality, as well as its residents.

Mazen Zibara
Solutions Engineer

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