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Smart City solution

Profirator focuses on FIWARE expertise, Mobility and Smart Industry. Our Value offer is:

– Size fit via scalability: Scale from DIY Proof of Concept to high available regionally distributed production systems by our full stack from hosting to application layer.

– Product fit via experience and R&D: Pick the right solution mix from our Solution Universe to fit all your needs.

– Non-vendor locking via Open source component use.

– Future compliant solutions via standard NGSI interfaces and datamodels as defined by ETSI. Profirator offers standards based solutions for smart cities, communities and companies alike. Our solu-tions scale from DIY Proof of Concept to high available regionally distributed production systems. We rely on a few simple principles: Utilizing open source, interoperable, non-vendor locking standard com-ponents and interfaces. We are an active gold member of the FIWARE ecosystem. We offer the whole stack starting from hosting, via managed kubernetes, all the way to the smart city platform layer. You need not look any further.

The company’s ambition

Profirator makes sure data gets from point A to point B. We turn data into information, and enable our customers to make data driven decisions.

To give an example, we take data from industrial machinery and push that to database for analytics and alerting. This information can then be taken to enable predictive maintenance.

Another example is real time mobility data, which can be used for trip planning, and showing arrival and departure times.

Profirator does all these things so that our customers can reach their objective, whatever it may be: better service, cost savings or sharing information with others.

We want our customers to be successful. Happy customer is a good customer.


Ilari Mikkonen
COO / Product Owner

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