Smart City solution

Roboride offers a complete solution for a short distance, on-demand self-driving mobility service. Our turnkey solution includes

• Self-driving and sustainable vehicles (in line with ITS Directive 2019/1161)

• Capabilities to manage the fleet, including remote control centre and cloud SW,

• Consumer facing application to use the service (iOS/Android)

• Maintenance, insurances, training and

• Consultancy to set-up the service (service design and safety analysis)

The company’s ambition

Cities need to reduce number of private cars to reduce emissions (CO2/NOx) and give streets back to people. While citizens are looking for freedom of mobility: To move quickly, cheaply and efficiently in different environments in campuses, cities, parks, resorts, airports, etc without owning a car.

Roboride believes in electric, shared and self-driving mobility

Short distance, on-demand, shared and electric self-driving shuttles as a service.

Improved sustainability in line with the EU Directive (2019/1161) on clean vehicles.

For cities, public transport operators, holiday resorts, airports, university campuses, malls and hospi-tals, industry parks, power plants etc.


Tatu Nieminen

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